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Management Team

Gayle Turner

Project Principal

Gayle has designed, managed, monitored and evaluated international development projects for more than 25 years. She joined Agriteam in 1991 as vice-president.

Guy Innes

Canadian Project Director

Mr. Innes is a development economist and senior project manager with more than 20 years of experience directing, managing and evaluating successful, complex, multi-million dollar international development assistance projects. His career history has focused on a number of different development challenges similar to the work of EDGE including overseeing a governance reform initiative that brought about improvements in Ukraine’s agriculture sector and another that introduced e-governance to the Philippines. Countries of Experience: Ukraine, Philippines, Mali, Sierra Leone, Ethiopia, Brunei, Canada.

Tawnia Sanford Ammar

Project Field Director

20+ years of experience managing reforms in developing and transition countries as diverse as Latvia, Russia and India; has worked in Ukraine for 6 years. Key areas of expertise: strategic planning, governance, rule of law and criminal justice.

Daria Volchenko

Deputy Director

13 years of professional experience in macroeconomic research, finance, investment banking, government reforms and technical assistance projects. After Maidan, worked in reform facilitation teams at MinEconomy and MinFin. Prior to becoming Deputy Director of EDGE, Daria was overseeing EDGE project teams working on the State Fiscal Service reform and on the governance reform at the Secretariat of the Cabinet of Ministers. Key areas of expertise: governance, public finance, banking sector, capital markets, state-owned enterprises.

Sector Leads

Valeriy Dobrovolskiy

Economic Growth Sector Lead

10 years of professional experience in government, business and NGO areas. Key areas of expertise include: municipal projects, PPPs, capital markets, anti-money laundering.

Liudmyla Ikonnikova-Skutsennya

Local Gender Advisor

Responsible for oversight of the project gender equality strategy implementation that supports all operational and programming activities. Local Gender Advisor is to consider, model and promote gender equality and gender mainstreaming as part of a set of cross-cutting themes.

Arseniy Polozhiy

Sector Lead

15 years of professional experience in diplomatic (consular) field within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine (regional experience includes service in Ukraine, Malaysia, Canada) and work in business sector - legal consulting within large multinational holdings (Ukraine, EU, CIS). Key areas of expertise include: governance, administrative services, legislation drafting, corporate and contractual law. Attorney-at-law.

Kateryna Fedorchenko

Monitoring & Evaluation Specialist

Provides monitoring and evaluation of projects. Manages trainings on implementation of the Result-Based Management (RBM) methodology for project offices, ministries and EDGE partners.

Kateryna Novokhatnia

Senior Sector Lead

Responsible for reforms of (i) the childcare system and deinstitutionalization, (ii) probation service. Ms. Novokhatnia has 8 years of professional experience in project management, development and overseeing implementation of project initiatives in the area of criminal justice, in particular for juveniles.

Taras Slobodyanyuk

Sector Lead

Responsible for the project aiming to create strategic planning and monitoring capacity within the Secretary of Cabinet of Ministers in Ukraine needed to streamline the reforms required for Ukraine’s accession to NATO.
Taras has 15+ years of professional experience in project management and management consulting.


Lenore Rogers

International Gender Advisor

Ms. Rogers earned her Master’s degree in Social Policy and Planning in Developing Countries from the London School of Economics and specializes in the design and delivery of evidence-based international gender equality initiatives and strategies. To EDGE she brings this knowledge and experience as well as her toolbox of innovative gender mainstreaming tools, including gender-based policy and program analytical frameworks. Countries of Experience: Countries from the continents of Africa, Asia, the Middle East, Eastern Europe and Canada.

Professionals for Reform Mechanism

Iryna Tushnytska

PRSM Manager / Sector Lead

With more than eighteen years of experience in collaborating and managing international technical cooperation development programs, Ira has extensive experience in complex project management, program design, HR and budgeting. Under EDGE, she runs PRSM mechanism with overall responsibility for its development and management. Within the Mechanism, Ira manages reform initiatives along with PRSM staff.

Daria Fesenko

HR/Operations Manager, Professionals for Reform Support Mechanism

Daria manages recruitment process; reviews and approves experts’ monthly narrative reports; contributes to team efforts by accomplishing related results as needed.

Valeriia Savarets

HR Assistant, Professionals for Reform Support Mechanism

Valeriia coordinates capacity development and networking events for reformers; assists PRSM team in day-to-day operations.

Finance and Administration

Alla Kopelets

Finance Manager

Alla manages the project’s finance and accounting.

Victoria Egorova

Finance Assistant

Victoria helps to manage the project’s finance and accounting.

Tetyana Iakovenko

Administrative Officer

Tetyana provides assistance with various administration related issues.

Zied Ammar

IT and Logistics Officer

Zied provides technical support to all projects and manages the project server and websites.

Vitalina Ivakhnenko

Office/HR Manager

Vitalina deals with the project’s office administration.

Vesna Duricic

Canadian Administrative Officer

Ms. Duricic is EDGE’s Canada-based Administrative Officer and brings her extensive experience in administrating large multi-year projects, including several initiatives in Ukraine, to the project. Her role focuses on contracting, budgeting, liaising with project stakeholders, and coordinating study tours to Canada. Ms. Duricic holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Linguistics, is bilingual in English and Serbo-Croatian, and speaks conversational French. Countries of Experience: Bosnia, Croatia, Cambodia, Sri Lanka and Ukraine.

Dawn Robertson

Canadian Finance Officer

Dawn Robertson is the Canadian Finance Officer on the EDGE Project and is responsible for accounting for all project expenditures of the EDGE Project. This includes auditing and reconciling field and Canadian expense reports as well as preparing financial forecasts and reports for the project’s principal funder, Global Affairs Canada. Countries of Experience: Ukraine and Ethiopia.

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