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Charity testimonial when receiving social help from SURGE

Admin 03/06/2020 892 Site News / Projects

"I got a call from a courier, went out to meet him, and he started bringing in packages ... more and more... I couldn't understand what was going on. I asked him whether this all was for me. He confirmed and I started crying. He was bringing them in and I was crying…”  That's how Ms. Oksana, who recently gave birth and now has to rent an apartment, told us about getting help from our partners from the Project "Support to Ukraine's Reforms for Governance" (SURGe).

Other clients are three sisters, two of whom are almost 100, and the youngest is 70 and she takes care of the older ones. These women commented on receiving food, diapers, detergents: "This will be enough for us until the fall!" 
And shelter! The women who now live there during quarantine have lost their jobs and helping them now is very important. One of them commented: "I have lived with you for more than 6 months and during this time I have regained the belief that people can be kind, can help selflessly, and have empathy for me... At first, I was afraid that my ex will find me, then that you will kick me out, then that I will have nothing to eat ... and every time there were people who helped! "

These were some words of gratitude from our clients after the delivery of products, diapers, detergents, and hygiene products, which were ordered by our colleagues from Kyiv from SURGe. It all began from one phone call: "We want to help now, during quarantine because we know that to some women it is very difficult! Are there any particularly urgent needs?" And we told several stories and what these women need. And after a while there was another call: "We succeeded! We raised funds in Kyiv, we were supported by Canada! We are ready to order and deliver everything you need! Let's do it!" We thank Svitlana Garashchenko for the call, for your indifference and willingness to help! Thank you, colleagues!!! We don't know you personally - but it adds even more weight to your action! We sincerely admire YOU!!! Our clients are happy today! You made them happy, and some of them have not felt such intense positive emotions for a long time! Such actions make the world warmer and safer! Thank you for your support and solidarity! We express sincere gratitude to all who joined!!

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